Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FAQ about the Eastport 32.

We do get a lot of questions about our boats -  here are a sample with the best answers I can give:

Q: How long have you been building the Eastport 32?  A: We started design and tooling in 2006 and launched the first boat in 2007.

Q: How many have you built?  A: We are completing #16 with #17 in the pipeline

Q; Where are the boats? A: About 30% are in the Chesapeake Bay, the rest are spread between Florida, The Carolina's, The Bahamas, Australia, Bermuda and Italy.

Q: Can I get one with a single engine?A: Not really, we have tooled up for twin engine layout.To configure the molds for single engine would be a costly exercise.

Q: What is the draft? A: The deepest part of the boat is forward at 22"  the props are 19" deep.

Q: Can I get outboards? A: Yes

Q How capable is the Eastport 32 Offshore? A: Its a great offshore boat, we have taken Eastport 32's from New England to Key West, offshore.  Eastport 32's regularly make the trip from the Chesapeake to New England in the summer and Eastport 32's cross the Gulf stream from Florida to the Bahama's every season.

Q: What is the hull shape? A: The hull underbody is based on the modern Carolina Sportfishing boat - Modified V - with twin prop pockets.  Very efficient in a sea way and stable at slow speed for trolling or creek cruising. Call to discuss more about this.

Q: What is the fuel economy?  A: An incredible 2.27 miles/Gal  at 25kts with a 440 mile range (with standard power)

Q: Do you offer specific options? A: Yes we build each boat to suit,  in collaboration with each of our clients we build the boat that suits your needs and wishes best.

Q: Do you have used boats?  A: Yes, sometimes. Typically they don't stay on the market long,

Q: Can I fish on the Eastport 32?  A: The boat is an outstanding fishing platform - Either for offshore blue water Pelagic's like Blue and White Marlin, closer to home reef fishing and particularly the Chesapeake Bay style fishing of trolling, light tackle or live lining.

Q: How does the boat ride? A; It is designed to handle steep bay style chop with deep V forward,  we have moderate lifting strakes that are not too wide for a soft ride. Turns like a sports car. Down sea runs straight and true.  Come and test one out!

Q: Does the tailgate leak in a following sea? A: This is not really an issue as that part of the boat is well out of the water when running, if you are backing down (Hard) in a following sea water will build up against the gasket and some water will get in the boat (no more than a boat with scuppers)  this self drains immediately as the cockpit is completely self draining.

Q: What color can I get? A: Any Color you like!