Thursday, January 27, 2011

We Deliver

Here is an Eastport 32 on the road, we have our own custom made trailer for road trips in the USA

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eastport 32 reveiw by John Page Williams

Click on the title of this post above to read the new review of the Eastport 32 by renowned historian, naturalist, fisherman and all around water guy John Page Williams

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Living The Dream

My job is to sell "The Dream", I design and build boats so you can get out on the water and explore, socialize, fish and generally relax. otherwise known as Living The Dream.

Now I take my job seriously, so much so that I am constantly researching because Living The Dream has no boundaries. I am toiling to making the experience for my clients better, be it re-visiting a waterfront bar (to sample the fare) or helping to catch a world record fish (I try every time I am on the water and I know it will happen one day). I still sail occasionally (just to get back to my roots), I creek cruise often with friends, I cruise with my wife, I regularly take an Eastport to boatshows (that is fun too), I personally maintain and update a worldwide network of marine industry professionals and boatyard managers (It takes a lot of beer but they are always there to assist an Eastport 32 owner) and mostly I just goof around on an Eastport 32 (all in the name of research!)

I am pretty sure I get on a boat about 300+ days a year, some times to tweak or service something and others just to sit and look around to see what we could do better but mostly to get out on the water and learn a little more. All in all Living The Dream is not easy and selling it is pretty tough too. So in 2011 I resolve to do all this even better and spread the word more! Yes that does mean more waterfront bars, bigger fish etc. So it is going the be a heck of a busy year Living The Dream Eastport Yacht Company Style, as we have boats in the USA, Europe and Australia. But someone has to do it! Come and see for yourself, I will be happy to show you around.....Tom